Square Two-Review


This fall, in the Kpop world, we have been hit with a wave of comebacks. As of two days ago, we received yet another comeback, this time from monster rookie girl group Blackpink. The four member girl group, signed under popular company YG, debuted earlier this August with “Square One”. Easily climbing the charts, they received acclaim with their infectious hits “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE”. Consisting of Jennie, Lisa, Rose and Jisoo, these girls are quickly taking over the Kpop world. One of the many groups to comeback, they released “Square Two” this November. Accompanied by two music videos, their singles “PLAYING WITH FIRE” and “STAY” have racked up 8 million views already in 24 hours combined. The first track “PLAYING WITH FIRE” shows the girl’s fierce side over an EDM beat. Claiming their love is fire, and warns their lover that if they mess with their emotions, it’ll come back to burn them. Literally. Lisa, the maknae (which means youngest member of a group) and rapper especially stood out with her solo rap in this song. With lyrics such as “so don’t play with me boy” and “now burn baby burn”, it shows off their cool and badass side. In contrast, their other single “STAY” is a slow song, leaving behind any synthesizers. Instead it’s  completely acoustic, with little bits of harmonica. Lyrically, the song is about a begging their lover to stay with them. Much softer, and reminiscent of an indie song, it shows off a completely new side to the girls. It displays the groups versatility of being able to produce dance hits and also do softer, slower songs. Utilizing all acoustic with no hip hop or EDM beat is uncommon in Kpop, and it shows off the girls ability to take a shot at different genres. I personally loved both songs, and have been listening to them constantly. If Blackpink continues releasing songs like these they have a bright future ahead! 


Buy “Square Two” here


“STAY” video


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Author: Amy

A teenage girl with an affinity for writing, music and pop culture

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