Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

To all the women throughout history and today, thank you. Thank you for inspiring me and generations to come. From fighting for the right to even vote, to speaking out for girl’s in education. Encouraging girls such as me to be proud of being a woman, and being such inspirations. Standing out and fighting against injustice and systemic sexism. People’s ignorance has lead many to brush this event off as “whiny” or “women who complain”, without looking deeper. We are fighting to end sexism, close the wage gap, earn our rights to our bodies, let rape victims come forward without blame, stop domestic abuse and so much more. But we aren’t just fighting, we are also damn proud. This is a celebration. A celebration of who we are. Girls encouraging girls, being unashamed to speak their minds, become the leaders and the bosses they want to be. It is to encourage girls to be true to themselves, and inspire generations among generations of women. Young and old, black or white, gay or straight, none of that matters. We are here to unabashedly yell we are women and we are proud! So thank you. Thank you to the women who encourage me and make me admire them more. Who make me proud to be who I am. To all women out there, don’t bring each other down, don’t be afraid to be interested in math, business and science, don’t be afraid to wear and look how you wish to. Change the world, and show what a girl can do. 

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Sincerely Yours, Amy

Author: Amy

A teenage girl with an affinity for writing, music and pop culture

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