Paramore: Hard Times


A huge wave of new albums are coming out this year from beloved artists. Pop-punk band Paramore happens to be one of them. My favorite band, this alternative band is fronted by Hayley Williams, a powerful force in the emo scene since 2004. Along with her, Taylor York plays guitar and Zac Farro plays drums. Their last album, titled “Paramore” was released all the way back in 2013. Personal issues, combined with founding member and bass player Jeremey Davis leaving the band, left the balance of Paramore up in the air. However, former member  Zac Farro who left in 2010, rejoined. Along with him rejoining the band, motivation and writing about their struggles they will be releasing a new album titled “After Laughter” which will be out May 12.

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While we all want anxiously for their new album, they debuted a new single “Hard Times”. Definitely a twist in sound, it mixes in an 80s synth pop style rather than their alternative sound. Similar sounding to their self titled record, it’s a brand new direction for the trio to start fresh. Taking a dip into a different sound than an angsty emo sound from their youth, Paramore creates a funky 80s sound blended with quick guitar riffs and synths. Paramore has done it again – they manage to take on a new sound and turn it into something unique. Always experimenting while writing honestly, Paramore is back.   

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Author: Amy

A teenage girl with an affinity for writing, music and pop culture

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