Halsey: Eyes Closed

A huge slew of new releases from artists are coming our way this year. A particularly buzzed about singer, Halsey, will be releasing her new album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom June 2. Halsey, born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, released her debut album Badlands back in 2015. If that doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you have heard her vocals on the summer hit “Closer” by EDM duo The Chainsmokers. The alternative pop singer brings several genres together in her unique sounding music. A blend of dreamy and dark synth pop, with bits of heavier influences, Halsey manages to stay away from the Lana Del Rey aesthetic. Atmospheric and raw, the 22 year old has kept her sound on her new releases while tweaking it to make it different from her first record. Following a new theme, out of the universe known as the badlands, she created a new world similar to Romeo and Juliet. Her most recent music video and song released April 4, “Now or Never”, give that theme life with Halsey smitten with a young man who happens to be from a rival “community”. Singing to her lover saying he needs to choose whether he’ll love her now or never. A month later, Halsey dropped her second single “Eyes Closed”. A dark pop song that just so happens to be co-written by The Weekend, this release is gives off a “trippy” R&B vibe. You can hear The Weekends influences in this one but it’s not a bad thing. Singing about having feelings for an ex while in a new relationship, Halsey croans slowly how she imagines her ex even with her new lover. Both singles are definitely worth listening to, so keep an eye out for her album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. 

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